Environmental Policy

Energy Consumption
Heating in the properties is provided by highly energy efficient "A" rated electric boilers powering the under floor heating and hot water, fully programmable for optimal use. Our own property in addition has a highly efficient clean burning convection stove which is fuelled by wood reclaimed and stored after the development of the buildings and also dead wood from around the farm. All buildings have been insulated to the highest standard possible without losing their original character.
All lighting on the site is low energy and we have used "A" rated electrical appliances wherever possible.
To minimise water usage we have installed water meters, the latest low flush toilets, showers with water flow regulators and the laundry appliances and dishwashers have eco settings. Water butts are installed wherever possible for watering the gardens.

Higher Rosevine Farm consists of 15 acres of mature grazing land almost untouched for 20 years with no unnatural fertilisers on the land. There is a myriad of wildlife: - foxes, badgers, weasels, rabbits. A wealth of bird life, from raptors like kestrels, buzzards and sparrow hawks, to owls, bats and all the expected smaller birds. The unspoilt nature of the land combined with cattle grazing lends itself to wild flowers with many varieties both in the hedgerows and the pastures along with many insects and butterflies which benefit from this environment. Cleaning materials supplied in the units are wherever possible bio-degradable, we do all the laundry and cleaning ourselves on site for minimum impact on the environment.

We encourage all waste to be recycled. Easily accessible recycling bins are provided by the barns. The compostable waste is composted and used on the farm to produce vegetables and herbs that are available for purchase in season.
Our waste water is processed through our own Bio sewage treatment plant which produces an output suitable to be released straight into a watercourse.

The local village Portscatho is just a 15 minute walk away along the coast path and across the beach. Here there is a well stocked local store, Post Office, excellent butchers and two pubs and a café to cater for all your needs. Approximately 5 minutes walk up the road is a small shop open daily selling fresh fish caught from their own boat and also locally produced vegetables and cakes. No need to get into your car with these facilities available just a pleasant walk away. We actively encourage guests to use local amenities.

Materials and Building
Higher Rosevine Farm was previously a farm yard with the 3 barns used for animal housing and milking. These were re-developed by us starting in 2006.
The original building exteriors were retained almost totally. Where walls had to be re-built the existing stone was always re-used and any excess was incorporated into the landscaping along with old slate sills, or saved for future use. All the buildings required re-roofing which enabled us to incorporate the highest specification insulation. The only roof slates present were used to reroof the laundry room. In our barn all the 1st floor joists and timber flooring was retained .
All the original stable doors were salvaged and await re-cycling. Salvaged timber boarding has been used to make raised beds for vegetable growing and bird boxes for owls, birds and bats.
All barn doors and windows were made from wood from sustainable sources and double glazed with Pilkington K glass for energy efficiency.
All paint materials are water based and low toxicity.

Last Updated: 26 January 2014