Visitor Comments

The M's.  London.  2010
"What a contrast to London! We have had a wonderful two weeks here - the beach, looking for crabs, horseriding, St Mawes castle have all provided great entertainment. Thanks for your thoughtful hospitality - it is so refreshing to stay somewhere which makes the children feel so welcome. You have been attentive and provided us with lots of excellent advice. Fishing with James Brown (see blackbord on quay at St Mawes) was also fun - to be recommended! Thanks again and good luck for the future."






The A's Liskeard May-2013 Beautiful cottage, super weather and lovely area. Thank you for making us so welcome. Its bliss!!  (more...)
The M's Ireland Jul-2015 Enjoyed our first visit to Cornwall. Had fun exploring the local area and found some lovely places to enjoy the local cuisine .....Thank you to our perfect hosts.  (more...)
The J's Worcestershire Sep-2013 Just a few short days stay - but had a wonderful time. Beautiful setting, lovely weather- ..... Thanks Judy and Jon, we will be back.  (more...)