Visitor Comments

The C's.  Bath.  2009
"Judy and Jon have got it just about right: the barns have been skillfully renovated and converted; the accommodation is comfortable; and the on-site management efficient but unobtrusive. Oh and Jon is a fisherman... Add to all this the beauties of an area we first discovered just 30 years ago, and all you have to do is add your own input of weather-tolerance and self-motivated activity to produce a wonderful holiday. Hope to be back soon. "






The B's Powys Oct-2014 Great holiday accommodation. Lovely part of Cornwall. Judy very welcoming.....  (more...)
The M's Cheshire Jul-2014 Wonderful time - beach fabulous  (more...)
The M's Ireland Jul-2015 Enjoyed our first visit to Cornwall. Had fun exploring the local area and found some lovely places to enjoy the local cuisine .....Thank you to our perfect hosts.  (more...)