Visitor Comments

The B's.  Cambridgeshire.  2007
"Roseland is ravishing and we've been so happy in Judy and Jon's cottage which is anything but 'wrecked'. We won't be recommending the place to anyone- best to keep you're favourite secrets to yourself. Despite that we wish you every success not least because we'd love to return."






The Mc's Cornwall Oct-2015 Thoroughly enjoyed our week, great walks on the coastal paths. Very comfortable accommodation and excellent hosts.  (more...)
The F family Germany Jul-2015 We enjoyed a nice week in Cornwall. The Rosevine Farm is a very beautiful place, especially the meadow is very good to play Beach Ball and Frisbee.  (more...)
The M's Ireland Jul-2015 Enjoyed our first visit to Cornwall. Had fun exploring the local area and found some lovely places to enjoy the local cuisine .....Thank you to our perfect hosts.  (more...)